Brake Shoes

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Axle TypeModelBrake SizeFitBrake Lining Reference
YORK160 Axle low loader394×180StandardYK 6/7
YORK160/800 Axle394×210StandardYK 8/9
YORK160/TEC 2000 CS/CM310×127StandardMQ1/2
RORBMX Axle low loader350×200Quick fitRW 21/22
BPWH/R Axle 95 Brake420×180Quick fitBC36/BC98
BPWH/R Axle early STD420×180StandardBC36/BC98
BPWH/R Axles(SN4218)420×180Quick fitBC36/BC98
BPWH/R Axles(SN4220)420×200Quick fitBC37/BC97
BPWKH/KR Axle 1983-1995360×200Quick fitBC100/101
TRAILORL200 TEM420×180StandardRW 5/6
RORLM Axle420×180Quick fitRW 34/35
TRAILORN400 TEM420×200StandardRW 1/2
BPWNR Axle 95 Brake300×200Quick fitBC80/BC55
BPWNR Axle(SN3020)pre 89300×200StandardBC80/BC55
BPWNR Axle(SN3020)pre 90300×200Quick fitBC80/BC55
SMBO' TYPE AXLE C1311×203StandardFU17/18
SMBO' TYPE AXLE C2419×178StandardFT11/12
ColaertO/E No 977.60.001305×125StandardLZ 6
ColaertO/E No 977.60.003305×200StandardLZ 1/1
SAEO/E No Y00000096305×200StandardLZ 2/3
SAEO/E No Y00002265305×150StandardSA 36/37
FruehaufPROPAR Axles P, PS & PSL420×180StandardRW 5/6
SAFRSM 8441, 9041420×152StandardIL 68/69
SAFRSM 8442420×180StandardBC36/BC98
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